Friday 26th February 1915

Elec. works. Route march before breakfast. Another frost. Drill and rifle inspection, route march. Nothing doing all the afternoon. Go to Lila’s in evening with Champ., Jones and Millar.

Bn. War Diary: ‘Very misty morning. German flag in front of enemy’s wire brought in by Cpl Jenkins No 1 Coy.

Brigadier General Hasler takes over command of the Brigade.’

Captured flag 1

Captured flag 2

Monday 22nd February 1915

‘E. Lancs House’. Watching over the river Warngrave. Only look out at night time. Deepen the trench inside the house during the day, find a little model of St Joseph, and stick him up on the wall. Plenty of shelling, convent gets most. Dead cows and sheep lying about, fairly strong. Two fur valises and other German souvenirs lying about not worth taking away. We use an oil stove for cooking no other light allowed.

Saturday 20th February 1915

No 75. Fatigue work in woods cutting down trees. Hear that No 9 was struck in yesterday’s bombardment and the back of the house ruined. Thunderstorm at lunchtime. Go to No 9 to express our sorrow at their misfortune. His own house, had it for ten years, house alone without finish cost 1137 francs. Every room damaged except front room and front bedroom. Insurance doesn’t cover war risks, and he does not expect to get compensation from government, only the big owners do. M’slle Stella alone in house at the time and has narrow escape. Champ., J A Millar and I make up small parcel for them. Return to No 75 and turn in. Coffee and read in bed.