Thursday 29th April 1915

In same trench. Still the same old story, shells, shells, shells (not ours). Change over into a trench that was held by E. Yorks. Where things are a little bit quieter. During the last four days should think we have had at least two hundred casualties. E. Yorks. Trench in an awful condition, no good at all. We make up the parapet in front a bit until daylight, and then have to chance our arm for the following day.

Saturday 24th April 1915

Barn. Orders come through to move off at 11.15 am. Wash and shave and have a jolly breakfast in the farm field. Entrain 1 pm in horse boxes, pas trainloads of refugees coming from Ypres and Poperinghe. Detrain at Poperinghe, march out to a large farm to bivouac, and have our tea but, owing to the rain which keeps on all night, are billeted in a farmhouse close by.

Thursday 22nd April 1915

Barn. On guard. Wash, shave and do some washing. Beautiful sunrise. There have been lovely sunsets each evening while we have been in this billet. Off guard 8 pm.

The Second Battle of Ypres started on 22nd April, and continued until 25th May. It was the only major attack launched by the Germans in 1915 on the Western Front, and was also the occasion of the first use of chlorine gas on the Western Front.