Tuesday 29th June 1915

Berguette. Hair cut and shampoo. Walk about Isbergues, passing the little chapel with its avenue of trees and sacred spring. Return from bathe in afternoon by goods train, get stopped by station officials, all travelling on trains prohibited. Call in at the Douvette (sp!), four brandies and a Zeppelin in half and hour. Tea at Douvette (four poached eggs, tea and bread and butter) with Julien and Mama. Guard.

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Thursday 24th June 1915

Berguette. After going down to meet the ten o’clock train as we usually do for letters etc., go for a stroll with Radford to Molingham. In the afternoon down to the canal for a bathe and, after tea, have a game of billiards. Guard. Put in record of day’s menu to show how we live. Breakfast: Two eggs (fried , boiled or poached), bacon or ham, bread butter, tea and marmalade. Dinner: Hot or cold roast beef or mutton, boiled, fried, baked or mashed potatoes, cabbage or peas, rice tapioca or bread and currant pudding, cheese, beer. Tea: Bread, butter and jam (various), cakes and biscuits. Breakfast 9.30 am. Dinner 1 pm. Tea 4.30 pm. Guard from 8 pm ‘till 7 am, all the rest of the time to ourselves. Had a joyride back from the canal this afternoon on the footboard of third class carriage.

Wednesday 23rd June 1915

Berguette. Stroll round Isbergues by the factory in the morning. Usual afternoon visit to the canal only this time manage to get on to a train to the bridge instead of having to walk along the railway line. The line looks very nice with flowers each side, poppies, daisies and some tall blue flower and grass between the metals. Bridge referred to is temporary bridge over canal as they are rebuilding bridge which they blew up when the Germans were about here. Factory was originally for steel, but now used to manufacture munitions. After tea go round to the ‘Café Restaurant’ and have games, billiards and draughts. Guard.

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