Thursday 30th September 1915

St Omer. Change tents in morning. Dig a trench round it in afternoon for something to do. Have a hot bath in the town in the evening and finish up with Colgate at a little restaurant in the Rue-de-Calais, where one of the daughters of the house, whose husband is in Paris, obliges by singing to us. She has travelled all over the world practically, and is resuming her journeys after the war. Raining hard. Forgot to mention yesterday, had to attend before Capt. Otter to give evidence against sentry arrested yesterday.

St Omer - St Sepulcre church

Tuesday 28th September

St Omer. On Railhead guard ‘till 6 pm, a number of German and English prisoners. One man’s court-marshal sentence read out on parade. I have to put one of our guard under arrest for buying papers while on duty. Had our supper sent in from a neighbouring estaminet last night. Set in for rain this evening. Go out for a drink, and have some chips at the fried potato stall.

St Omer - public gardens