Monday 27th December 1915

Poperinghe. Mess about all morning waiting for the Lewis gun for a demonstration, gun does not arrive. Afternoon, smoke helmet drill and rapid loading. Company concert at 14th Division Soldiers’ Club. Jolly good concert, especially Capt. Robinson’s recitation ‘The relief of R 5 on catching the last train to Pop.’ Supper in billets afterwards. Parcel from Ironsides.

Saturday 25th December 1915

Poperinghe. H. Communion 7.30 am at the ‘Fancies’ Hall. Mess about all the morning. Present of box of ‘Three Castle’ cigarettes and cigars from Capt. De Culighan, present from battalion at home, letter pad, handkerchief, cigarette lighter and card. Make seats to go round table. Dinner: Stew ‘Daily News’ plum pudding, cheese and pickles, chocolate. Letter writing all the afternoon. Christmas post arrives after tea, parcels from Mother, Mrs N. and Mrs Mitchelmore. Stop just before supper and lay out the table with crackers and candles and all the eatables, looks very nice. Menu: Sardines on thin bread and butter, spaghetti and tomato sauce, turkey, sausages and haricot beans, plum pudding, mince pies, apple jelly, biscuits cheese and pickles, champagne and citron, and Cpl. Spence gives a box of cigars. Play cards ‘till 1.30. Rum issue before turning in.

Friday 24th December 1915

Poperinghe. Orderly Cpl. 23 men sent to hospital with supposed scabies, but they all come back in evening. Spend the afternoon fixing up a table, sideboard, shelf and a picture of the King. Supper in billets 8.35 pm. Tongue, pickles, cream cheese, lemon cheese, cake, nuts, muscatels and almonds, dates, chocolate, pineapple and sweets. Play cards till 11.30 pm for money, win a penny. Rainy day.