Friday 18th February 1916

Huppy. Raining. March to Abbeville, 14 miles there and back. On the way see the Indian and ‘Death’s Head’ Lancers march past for inspection. Dinner at Abbeville, (hot mussels, veal, beef and potatoes, salad, desert, cheese, coffee and rum). Look round the town, plenty of shops, a fine church and a good Soldiers’ Club. Tea at a pastry cook’s (some nice girls). Female attendant at S.L. Start the march back at 6 pm having been in the rain all day.

Friday 11th February 1916

Huppy. Raining all day, but plenty of work for me to do. Prisoner who was drunk the other day gets 21 days 1st Field Punishment[1], and has to be tied up to a cart wheel, given pack drill and report to H.Q. Guard.


[1] FP No.1: The offender may, unless the court-martial or CO otherwise directs: (a) Be kept in irons. (b) Be attached by straps, irons or ropes for not more than 2 hours in 1 day to a fixed object. Must not be attached for more than 3 out of 4 consecutive days, or for more than 21 days in all. (c) Be made to labour as if he were undergoing imprisonment with hard labour.