Thursday 24th June 1915

Berguette. After going down to meet the ten o’clock train as we usually do for letters etc., go for a stroll with Radford to Molingham. In the afternoon down to the canal for a bathe and, after tea, have a game of billiards. Guard. Put in record of day’s menu to show how we live. Breakfast: Two eggs (fried , boiled or poached), bacon or ham, bread butter, tea and marmalade. Dinner: Hot or cold roast beef or mutton, boiled, fried, baked or mashed potatoes, cabbage or peas, rice tapioca or bread and currant pudding, cheese, beer. Tea: Bread, butter and jam (various), cakes and biscuits. Breakfast 9.30 am. Dinner 1 pm. Tea 4.30 pm. Guard from 8 pm ‘till 7 am, all the rest of the time to ourselves. Had a joyride back from the canal this afternoon on the footboard of third class carriage.

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