4 thoughts on “Wednesday 22nd December 1915

  1. LRB Xmas card designed by John Seymour Lindsay – see signature bottom right. Officer’s name misspelt Capt. de Cologan, captured 1.7.16 Gommecourt; ended up commanding 2 LRB when it was raised in 1939; would very much like a copy of the 3rd Div Xmas card; LRB used 4 Div card in 1914; sketch of a beer vat with soldiers bathing, in a brewery in Ploegsteert; apparently water came from the nearby river complete with sticklebacks

  2. De Cologan ref 25 Dec 15 diary; have you noticed who designed the 3rd Div Xmas card, William Heath Robinson no less, a Pinner man

    • I did see the Heath Robinson signature.I remember my step-father making frequent use of the expression after he had ‘fixed’ the domestic plumbing! I see ‘Cologan’ now – my eyes had skipped across it.

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