Friday 25th December 1914

Christmas Day

Front line. Still freezing hard. No firing along our part of the line all day. Receive Xmas parcel from 2nd battalion. Men from both sides meet between the lines, shake hands and exchange cigarettes. Champion gets a cigar from one. J A Millar, Robins and I arrive too late. German dead lying about. Did ourselves well in the grub line. Breakfast: Sardines, bread and butter and jam, cocoa. Dinner: Hot maconochie, biscuits and cheese and tinned plum pudding (a present from the County Territorial Association) and coffee. Tea: Biscuits, butter, jam and tea. Afterwards, rum punch and a slice of plum pudding and rum just before turning in. On guard four hours.

Bn. War Diary entry: ‘Freezing – very quiet day practically no shooting’

2 thoughts on “Friday 25th December 1914

  1. Absolutely fascinating (and understated!). Have read Hob’s diary on a day-by-day basis since the beginning. An excellent historical project. Well done and thank you.

    • Many thanks for your comment. I’m finding a renewed interest in reading this over again slowly. I heard on the radio last night that the Belgians are re-enacting the truce at the LRB section of the trenches at Plogsteert Wood. I would have liked to be there too. Happy Christmas to you. Allan

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