Sunday 2nd May 1915

In the same two lines of trenches. Day opens very quietly but, after breakfast the shelling is worse than it has ever been before, the parapets are absolutely smashed to pieces. Millar is hit, then Teakle killed on top of me. Oliver wounded in the arm. We leave our little bit of the trench and try, by going round the communication trench, to get better cover. Baldwin killed as we go, and Hudson wounded. Fairs, Hudson and I make our way up to the E. Yorks. Left flank. After dinner the attack commences again. The whole line on our front was shelled, then they sent over poison gas and we had to tie wet handkerchiefs over our faces, more shelling and then rifle fire. Fairs killed, all except one of the E. Yorks wiped out round me. I take a message from the E. Yorks. Colonel right down to the trenches to Major Bates at H.Q. (Right flank) and return along the back to our trench. The German attack fails, but they have advanced their position and we ‘stand to’ all night, after being re-inforced by the W. Yorks. And practically half the battalion knocked out. Get cut across the back of the neck with a piece of shrapnel.

L/Cpl Leonard Hastings Teakle 157 aged 25 Panel 52 & 54 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
Rifleman Ernest Wilfrid Baldwin 9397 aged 32 Panel 52 & 54 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial
Rifleman Ernest W. Fairs 9551 aged 19 Panel 52 & 54 Ypres (Menin Gate) Memorial

4 thoughts on “Sunday 2nd May 1915

  1. Oliver George 909 later commissioned 1 Londons
    Millar John Alexander 8934 discharged term of engagement 11.4.16; originally enlisted 6.4.09

    • I managed to track down some history of John Millar. He married in 1917, but had no children and died in 1947. He had a sister and two brothers, but I have not ‘dug deeply’ to find out what came of them. George Oliver I have not followed up at all.

  2. Baldwin, H O Brown, Fairs and Millar were all in Q Company pre war; Oliver and Hudson enlisted into the newly raised 2nd Battalion in Sept. 14 and were later transferred to 1st Battalion

    • Many thanks for this.I had so much contact with HO Brown from childhood through to my early 20s. What a lot of interesting discussions we could have had. T’was ever thus.

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