Tuesday 4th May 1915

The retreat which started at 12.30 am carried out successfully. As we march down the roads, we pass parties of engineers mining, ready to blow up the road as soon as we get through. We try to carry our post bag back with us but can’t manage it, so divide up the letters to be carried by different chaps and open all the parcels, throwing away everything except what we can eat as we go along. We buried all our dead except one, but left kits lying all over the place. We march by side roads and through fields left of Ypres, across wooden bridge and so on to just the other side of Vlamertynghe where the cooks have got ready a fine hot meal of tea, rum, skilly and bread and jam. We had had no food the last day except what we found in dead men’s kits and water bottles. I ask to be put on cart for the rest of the march after breakfast, instead they send me to Field Hospital where I spend the day (leg bad). While there the barn next to ours struck by shrapnel. Taken in motor ambulances to Poperinghe which had been shelled that afternoon, and was again in the evening while we were there and the following morning. Manage to get first wash and shave for ten days.

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